A Strategy For Being Best In Class

The book Good To Great outlines a three focus strategy for building best in class organizations….

  • Disciplined People
  • Disciplined Thought
  • Disciplined Action

Building a results focused best in class organization is a journey that involves continually developing our people, thinking processes, and execution effectiveness. People development is never-ending. Engaging in disciplined thought and conversation is never-ending. Developing ever-increasing excellence in execution is never-ending.

As this strategy is competently and willingly executed subtle changes in behavior and results will become evident. But remember sustained cultural change takes months and years.

This process will be expedited by four basic leadership practices….

  1. Leading with “questions”, not answers
    • What probing and prodding questions might you ask to draw out of your team a clear picture of the current reality and its implications?
  2. Engaging in “dialogue and debate”, not coercion
    • How might you moderate the dialogue within your organization rather than controlling the dialogue?
  3. Conducting “no blame” autopsies
    • How might you and your team come to recognize failure as an event?
    • How might you dissect what didn’t work?
    • How might you increase curiosity in finding the best answers to the issues that are holding the organization back?
    • How might each team member extract the maximum learning from the tuition paid by the organization and the people involved?
  4. Building “red flag” mechanisms
    • How about giving each team member a red flag?
    • How might you go about encouraging them to wave their red flag one time each month when they are presented with the opportunity to positively challenge the status quo?
    • How might you use the “red flag moments” to create dialogue that will enable excellence to replace superficiality.

As we press into our results focused leadership roles and responsibilities let’s….

  • Enjoy every moment of every day
  • Savor the journey of excellence
  • Believe in the importance of the work we and our team is engaged in
  • Savor the joy of serving our team, customers, and the world we live in.

Never lose hope. Where there is hope for the future there is power in the present.

Think well and be inspired.

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