What is advice?

Advice is guidance or recommendations from another concerning a prudent future action.

Hopefully the advice we seek, listen to, and accept or reject is given by someone who is knowledgeable and an aurhority on the subject. Hopefully their insights opinions and recommendations are based on the knowdge of the subject matter and pratical experiene rather than emotional opinions. Hopefully their opinions and recommendations are given in our best interest and the best interest of others that might be affected.

Who are our council of advisors? Who are the people we rely upon for crediable advice?

Do we make decisions with or without the input of wise counsel?

Do we seek wisdom from those who agree with us or those who will be candid and truthful?

Do we seek out wise people? People with experience and expertese in the subject matter we are pursing informaiton about?

Who are our go to people for advice? Who are the experts we rely on?

How often do we seek them out when we are collecting information or making decisions?

Do we include God and prayer?

Might we all make better decision when we seek out wise counsel, pray, and meditate about the advice, deliberate our alternatives in context to what is honorable for all who will be affected by our decision?

Think well and be inspired.


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