Being Brilliant At The Basics

Can we truly “WOW” our customers if we are under performing on the basics?

  • What are the non negotiable basics for our organizations?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10 how do our organization rate living out the basics?
  • Where do we observe room for positive growth?
  • What is our strategy for closing the gap?

Whether it is efficient hotel check-ins, shinny rental cars, on time delivery of packages, or not running out of popular clothing items, we all must strive for perfection in providing our customers what is basic and expected.

Keeping our “Brand Promise” is the most reliable way to keep our businesses off the scrap heap of the want-a-be’s.

When each team member meets our customer expectations at the most basic level, we can expect high customer satisfaction.  High customer satisfactoin births strong customer loyalty and retention. Strong customer retention births sustainable profits.

What are the roles and duties of each of our team members (and we leaders) in  being flawlessly brilliant at the basics?

As leaders one of our main duties is to receive validation that our leadership team is continually equipping, focusing, and encouraging each team member to initiate the repetitive, mundane, and customer endearing tasks that astonish each customer. That each our leadership team is affirming each of their team member’s efforts to excel at routine tasks. That each of our leadership is monitoring, recognizing and celebrating the efforts of each team member who goes the second mile or exceeds a personal best in doing whatever it takes to fulfill our brand promise.

How do we leaders communicate a simple and result focused customer service expectation to our leadership team and their teams?

A president of a national trucking company put its company’s message in these simple terms… “Pick it up on time…, deliver it on time…, and don’t bust it.” This is the company’s basic service; the customer expectation. It is the results this company measures and rewards. Isn’t this pretty simple to communicate, measure, and reward?

Let us all remember that a wowed customer experience is always the child of the initiation and completing of countess small tasks by every team member. When we reward results let us always affirm the effort that went into perfectly initiating the personal choices and small tasks that created the result.

When we are great at world-class customer service we are brilliant at doing the little things. It is the little things that matter.

What might happen if we wrote this phase on every process within our organizations? …”We do this to amaze our customers?”

Question to all who care to respond.

How do you equip, focus, and encourage each team member to take care of the little things that set your organization and service apart from the want-a-be’s?

Think well and be inspired.

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