Being vs. Doing

Being vs. Doing

Is what we do who we are?


Is what we do our gateway to personal growth, self-discovery, testing our beliefs, sustaining our values, and walking our talk?

As leaders, who we think we are influences our ability to create a compelling vision for the organization we lead. Who we are affects the ability of others to enroll into the vision. Who we are affects the ability of others to be and do their best. Who we are affects our ability to equip and encourage ourselves and others to carry out our roles and duties.

In our quest to be and do our best we occasionally experience a hungry spirit. A spirit that inspires us to take our relationships more seriously. A spirit to find new meaning from our work. A spirit that inspires us to grow: personally, vocationally, spiritually. Aren’t these the secret sauce that awakens our authentic feelings of peace and joy?

Unfortunately we don’t find them between the covers of self-help books. These are self-discovered while navigating the highways and byways of personal and vocational life. While engaged in our roles and duties we find models who demonstrate, through there everyday lives, that which our authentic self is looking for. We catch insights through the encouragement of our loved ones, our mentors, our coaches, our colleagues, and hopefully those who lead the organizations we work in.

Leadership is focusing us on how to be authentic as we go about our daily roles and duties. Our authenticity is the gateway to to our passion, sincerity, warmth, optimism, and desire to serve others.

  • Leadership is about bringing forth the welled up passion residing in each of us.
  • Leadership is about helping us discover our authentic self.
  • Leadership is about raising us up to be all that we are capable of being.
  • Leadership is about coaxing out our authentic personality.

Leadership is about creating a nurturing environment. An environment safe that is for us to shed our ego security masks. An environment where we can trust our self and others with our true identify. An environment that equips and encourages us to master personal leadership.

As we take our roles and duties of personal leadership seriously, those who lead us will take their roles and duties more seriously.

The leaders of our organizations will grow as our personal leadership grows.

Think well and be inspired.

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