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Contribute To Your Organiation’s Excellence Focus

What contributions can you put into your organization to maintain and advance its attitude of excellence? What do the people who work in your organization need to live productive and satisfying lives? Each team member wants to know that his or her work is important. That the work is of value to the organization andContinue Reading

The Attitude of Excellence

Excellence begins with attitude. Our attitude flavors all of our actions. Our attitude flavors our work. Our attitude flavors the people we work with and for. Our attitude flavors the results that are created through us. Our attitude flavors our innate motivation for acquiring the knowledge and practicing the skills which will bring forth excellenceContinue Reading

Let Your Long View Planning Guide Your Habit Of Excellence

What is your business? Who is your customer? Why are you in business? What is your passion? What might your organization look like when it has reached maturity? These are few of a multitude of questions that will aid you in creating long view goals for your organization. Your Long View planing process takes time. TimeContinue Reading

Excellence Take Two

What is excellence? Excellence is a way of living that is relentlessly practiced and continually perfected. What separates average from excellent? Could it be as simple as attitude, process, and applied effort? The attitude that deciding to do excellent work is as easy as deciding to slide by. Adopting a process by which excellent workContinue Reading


Excellence is about taking the initiative to do work you decide is worth doing. It’s passionately executing the work that separates your organization from others in your market niche. It’s about being inspired by why you do the work you do rather than the work you do. What’s your passion. What change in the worldContinue Reading

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