Creating A Best In Class Mindset

What might it take for our organizations to become #1 in our market niche?

What unique knowledge and skill might be necessary for us to be best in class?

What unique confidence and commitment might be necessary to stand apart from what in the past had been our competition?

A first step is to concentrate our thoughts and activities into an a single concept that guides everything we do. A concept that is aligned to the hoped for vision of what our organization will look like at some future date.

The Productive Leader calls this a Senior Organizing Goal. The one goal that all other goals are aligned to. The Senior Organizing Goal supports the organization’s….

  • Vision — the mental picture of what the organization will look like a some future date.
  • Inspirational Purpose — why the organization exists.
  • Values — values that are grounded in the immutable laws of business success and personal significance.
  • Promise — the promise made to every internal and external customer who does business with the organization and its people.

What might happen if we created an environment of….

  • individual autonomy
  • personal mastery
  • inspirational purpose

where each individual concentrated their Unique Genius on expertly executing actions that fulfill the organization’s Senior Organizing Goal?

The Senior Organizing Goal concept is easy to adopt and simple to execute.

What’s your Senior Organizing Goal?

What is the unifying concept that might set you apart from the competition?

What might happen if you pruned away all that did not support your Senior Organizing Goal?

Might your work become more meaningful?

Might your efforts become more inspired?

Think well and be inspired.


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