Excellence Take Two

What is excellence?

Excellence is a way of living that is relentlessly practiced and continually perfected.

What separates average from excellent?

Could it be as simple as attitude, process, and applied effort?

  • The attitude that deciding to do excellent work is as easy as deciding to slide by.
  • Adopting a process by which excellent work becomes¬†intrinsic.
  • Continually practicing the skills necessary to be¬†excellent in context with the results one intends to see created.

Excellence is 100% heart, 100% head, 100% hands.

  • The heart provides the intention,
  • the head provides the plan and process,
  • the hands do the work.

The choice to become a person and organization of excellence happens in a second. The manifestation of the choice is lived out moment by moment.

Think well and be inspired.

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