How Do You Get Outside Of The Box?

What value might there be to seeing issues differently?

Ask yourself….

  • What assumptions and I making  that I don’t know I am making?
  • What assumptions are causing me to have the assumptions that I am making?
  • How might I change my perspective so I might see new assumptions?
  • What possibilities might be brought forth as a result of these new assumptions?
  • After distinguishing these new possibilities how might I use this experience to understand that there might be more than one way to do most things?

As leaders we must see assumptions for what they are and transport people outside of the box that restricts our thinking and their thinking. We must become master paradigmists. We must create new paradigms for people and help them migrate to the new paradigms and remain there.

Leadership is about distinctions. Once we master a new distiction (paradigm) we never lose it.

Keep in mind when we change the way you look at things, the things we look at change?

Think well and be inspired.

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