What is integrity?

Integrity is living by our conscience in such a way that our security of who we are comes from within. Integrity is not a function of how other people perceive us. When we are living a life of integrity we will not easily be offended. We will see all situations as learning experiences.

Integrity comes forth through humility and courage. Humility comes from living a principle grounded life rather than an ego led life. Courage is displayed when we obey those principles even when running up against cultural norms.

Integrity produces wisdom and an abundance mentality. Wisdom is knowing what to do and doing it. An abundance mentality is not seeing life as a contest and not defining winning as beating someone or something.

It’s the hard stuff of life. Developing Integrity requires us to deliberately practice living by natural and spiritual principles with courage.

We do this by living out a principle grounded virtue each day. Today let’s choose a virtue to live out. Then let’s live it out. We will do this for 7 days. On day 8 we will pick a new virtue and live it out for seven days. We can do this until we run out of virtues to live out. Then we start over at the first virtue.

My virtue for this week is prudence: Wise in living out my roles and duties. The mastery to govern and discipline myself by use of principle grounded wisdom and truth.

Think Well and Be Inspired!



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