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If you like to learn about LPF and the principles, perspectives, and processes brought forth in the Productive Leader Blog come and visit a Forum. Bring a business (or personal) opportunity, issue, or challenge and let Forum Members work on it with you. Take home an easily initiated result creation facilitation plan.

What is the value of one new idea? What if the idea allowed you to  create…..

  • The ability to quit second guessing yourself?
  • Improved employee morale?
  • Enhanced brand recognition?
  • Transformed customer service?
  • Employees thinking like owners?
  • Greater peace of mind?
  • Ability to capitalize on economic uncertainly?
  • Increased business valuation?
  • Encouragement as a leader?
  • Improved work and life balance?
“Since being a part of the Leadership Productivity Forum I’ve notice my productivity has at least tripled and I can get more done in less time.  Bill is a great mentor and offers incredible tools within the Productive Leader membership and LP Forum.” -Jeremy, AskJeremyJones.com 

Leadership Productivity Forum was birthed four years ago by a small group of Phoenix business owners. They created LPF to share ideas and processes with the intent of becoming #1 in their market niche and proactively growing their revenue and profits.

Forum Members meet monthly to discuss how to handle business opportunities and challenges. They encourage one another to hone their abilities to lead and grow their organizations. They discuss how to initiate processes that will  create top and bottom line business results. The learnings and commitments generated at the Forums are further developed by one on one executive coaching.

  • Do you have a plan to navigate the choppy waters of economic uncertainty?
  • Is the organization as nimble, adaptable, or courageous as you would like it to be?
  • Is your leadership skill set as reliable or as sharp as it could be?
  • Are employees as passionate, engaged or focused as you would like them to be?

LPF Members help one another create strategies and initiation plans for navigating the choppy waters strewn with economic chaos and opportunity. Together they learn new skills for equipping and encouraging team members to be nimble, adaptable, and courageous. Members feed off of one another’s victories and advancements. Together they are figuring out how to thrive and enjoy the personal and economic rewards that transformational change brings about.

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Bill Heitzman Chief Encouragement Officer Leadership Productivity Forum

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