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Will Leadership Productivity Forum Membership Benefit You?

Let us begin with two focus questions….

  1. What is it you need or want?
  2. What result do you want to see created in your organization?

Before we can possibly know if something will benefit us, we must know what it is we need or want. And how that need or want affects our ability to live out our hoped for dreams.

Hopefully the following questions will help you further assess your need or want and identify a benefit that might come from satisfying that need or want.

  • Do you need or want to receive ongoing new ideas and processes to successfully grow your organization? ___ Yes ___ No
  • Do you need or want encouragement and self-accountability to follow through on what you say you are going to do to grow your yourself and your organization? ___ Yes ___ No
  • Do you need or want to be a contributing member to a group of CEOs, business owners, or Key Employees like yourself, who are building successful organizations and are motivated to share their experiences and provide advice on how to better lead, manage, and grow businesses? ___ Yes ___ No
  • Do you need or want a safe environment where your business can be analyzed by trusted fellow successful business leaders? ___ Yes ___ No
  • Do your need or want the opportunity to participate in monthly one on one business coaching from an experienced and successful business leader?
    ___ Yes ___ No
  • Do you need or want a result focused approach to your personal, vocational, and spiritual growth? ___ Yes ___ No
  • Do you want to learn how to apply the wisdom of the latest business books.
    ___ Yes ___ No

If you answered yes to at least 4 of these questions proceed on to the next three questions.

How do you know you are ready to receive full benefit from LPF Membership?

  • Have you achieved the stability in your business that affords you the benefit to dedicate specific time each month to meet with other Leadership Productivity Forum Members to work on your business? ___ Yes ___ No
  • Have you achieved the financial flexibility and intellectual maturity to proactively invest in your personal, vocational, and spiritual development and that of your team? ___ Yes ___ No
  • Have you achieved the professional and emotional maturity to be coachable and take advice? ___ Yes ___ No

If you answered yes to these there questions Leadership Productivity Forum might be a right fit for you. With realistic expectations and purposeful execution Leadership Productivity Forum Membership will provide a positive return for you.

If you answered no to any of the last three questions ask yourself, “What should I be doing so I can answer each of these questions with a yes?” Anything less than three yes answers might signify a business that is not on track to achieve its full potential.

One final question.

  • If you joined an Leadership Productivity Forum and one year from today you were reviewing the value you received from Leadership Productivity Forum, what result would you have had to achieve to make your Forum Membership worthwhile to you?

For further information about LPF Membership please email me at if this sounds interesting to you.


Bill Heitzman
Chief Encouragement Officer
Leadership Productivity Forum

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