Migrating From Compliance To Engagement

What motivates individuals?

Individuals, in the workplace, desire an environment of autonomy rather than control. This springs from their distinction of wanting to master the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill their roles and responsibilities. Mastery, in this context, is an individual’s intention to get better and better at something that matters. And what matters to people is work that has meaning.

How does a leader create an environment of employee engagement?

Individuals are motivated by environments where they can engage in advancing complex issues with inquiring minds and the freedom to experiment one’s way to fresh robust outcomes.

Individuals are hard wired to respond to life with a positive, innovative, creative approach to their roles and responsibilities. Individuals are hard wired to be goal / results focused. Individuals are hard wired to engage in activities that contribute to the accomplishment of a goal or create a specific result. Individuals are hard wired to engage in situations where time passes quickly. Where self-consciousness is replaced by being wholly ensconced in the purposeful activity.

Individuals are motivated by improvement. Improvement is the reward. Achieving a goal or seeing a result created is just the acknowledgement of a job well done.

What’s the difference between compliance and engagement?

Compliance is having to do something. Engagement is getting to do something. Both are a sate of mind. Compliance produces resistance. Engagement produces momentum. The most satisfying work experiences occur when an individual experiences the exhilaration of total engagement in creative meaningful activity.

Individuals are motivated by clear goals and activities that provide them immediate feedback. Individuals respond to challenge. Challenge that isn’t too difficult. Challenge that is just a notch or two beyond their current capabilities. Individuals respond to  situations that stretch their bodies and their minds in a way that makes their effort their meaningful reward.

What is an essence of a fulfilling life?

Individuals are motivated by the focus and satisfaction that emanates from being in the moment. Where they are self directed. Where they loose their sense of time, place, and they become one with what they are doing.

This is engagement. This is creating mastery. This is experiencing essence of a fulfilling life. Being in engaged in meaningful work, growing in competence and character, doing work in through the autonomy of who they are through the application of the immutable laws of potentiality.

Think well and be inspired.


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