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Bill’s interactive speaking style awakens people’s natural curiosity. He inspires courage. The topics he discusses introduce people to new ways of viewing their work, their life, and their world. He engages people by asking deep penetrating questions that provoke people see the unique genius in themselves and others.

Bill takes people on a journey of possibility. Possibilities that spring forth as people give themselves permission to ponder their desire to live, to love, to grow, and to make a meaningful contributions at work, home, and to the world.

These participatory conversations take people beyond an information dump or feel good pep rally.  Although Bill’s talks have a bit of both, he provokes people to think differently about themselves, their lives, and their vocation.

Bill believes every person and every organization possesses the potential for greatness. His life focus is to serve those dedicated to bringing forth their greatness. He equips, empowers, and encourages leaders and their teams to build distinct disruptive profitable organizations and live stress-free lives.

Bill is the Chief Encouragement Officer of the Leadership Productivity Forum. The monthly forums provide practical organization building principles within the framework of the Golden Rule. The monthly forums provide peer collaboration, encouragement, and personal growth. The forums are a catalyst for inspiring members to stay on task with their most important personal and organizational responsibilities, roles, and duties.

Bill has co-authored six business books, including Innovate or Die, Activating Your Firm’s Service Culture, Pursuit of the Summit, and Radiating Possibilities. He also authors and delivers speeches, seminars, and workshops including “Discovering Your Unique Genius”, “Creating a Front Page Business Plan”, “Writing Your Life Script”, “The Power of Collective Ambition”, “Leading For Results”, “What Motivates You?”, and “The Power of Principle”.

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