Our Organization’s Vision

Our Organization’s Vision

In 1726, English author, Jonathan Swift described vision as “the art of seeing things invisible.” Vision is often characterised as an inspiring picture or dream with a deadline.

Our organization’s vision is a picture of its desired future state. The vision can include a description of our organization’s ideal size, activities, products, services, culture, alliances, market niche, ideal customers, ideal employees, and social contributions. Most importantly the vision must capture the essence of how our organization differs from the competition and the change it is bringing about in the world.

Our organization’s vision is a powerful tool for energizing all stakeholders. It must reflect our organization’s values, the customers it serves, the promise it makes to its customers, and the reason it exists.

A clear vision enables and encourages stakeholders to focus their efforts on initiating the strategies and task which advance and grow the organization. Our ability to visualize our organization’s desired future and communicate it to all stakeholders is essential to building a best in the world organization.

A visionary organization is better attuned to recognize and seize opportunities which will shape and fulfill its desired future state than an organization which focuses solely on its day-to-day activities.

A clear vision is like a magnifying glass. It intensifies ideas and translates them into images. These images combine to become a beacon that beckons the organization’s advancement. The vision creates a destination with a path. The light beckons us on. The path guides our advancement.

Think well and be inspired.

Bill H

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