Result Leadership

Result Leadership

#1 Result aligned transformational leaders possess these leadership traits

  • They know the #1 result they desire to see created. Some call this their BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal).
  • They are aware of their current reality in context to their #1 Result.
  • They care deeply about the #1 Result.
  • They have the motivation and ability to encourage others to join in creating the #1 Result
  • They have developed the profound ability to influence others to focus on reality in context  to the #1 Result.
  • They are able to translate creative tension into projects and tasks designed to advance from the current reality to the #1 Result.

For most leaders these are learned traits. The traits are developed over time through disciplined planning and practice. An effective process for developing these traits to work with a #1 Result aligned coach and regular collaboration with a group of #1 Result Aligned transformational leaders.

Think well and be inspired.


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