Shared Vision

Shared Vision

How do we leaders leverage the power of shared vision to provide outstanding value to our orgizations’ customers and the world?

Vision is one of the most important ingredients for bringing about transformation. Mahatma Gandhi visualized a free independent India at a time when Great Britain tightly governed it. Gandhi died over 60 years ago and his vision is alive and well. India is free. It has a growing economy. The standard of living of its citizens is expanding. Growing numbers of its citizens make products and provide services that are contributing to the betterment of people around the world.

Martin Luther King had a dream of equality for all races, creeds, and religions. His vision lives on. Individuals who have enrolled into the vision are equipping and encouraging others to experience their freedom of choice and to be responsible for making good decisions. Decisions that help them be better people and examples to inspire others.

Steve Jobs had compelling vision. His vision was brought forth with his intense attention to detail. He wanted his organization’s products to look good, to be packaged with simple elegance, and able to be assembled and used without an instruction book. He recruited people who shared the vision. The vision raised their abilities and efforts to new highs. Together they created an organization that will endure past Job’s leadership.

Visionary leaders create extraordinary dreams that ignite passion in people. A bold dream drives great things. It stretches boundaries, minds, and actions in ways that people wouldn’t have otherwise stretched and achieved.

Vision inspired leaders invite others to enroll in the vision with the intention of bringing forth a higher quality of life for all people. They continually communicate the targets that advance the achievement of the vision. They celebrate advancements and victories. They continually encourage their people to innovate, to grow, to have fun, to serve others.

A healthy vision is brought forth in the context of mutual ownership. People who feel ownership desire to be active participants in creating the vision. They purposefully and passionately perform their roles. They resourcefully initiate their duties for carrying out the vision. Each is inspired by the vision’s bigness. The impact the vision has on their lives and the lives of others.

We leaders can align, equip, and encourage our people to lend their head, heart, mind, and spirit to support and shape our organization’s vision. The invitation to do so invigorates and benefits all.

Think well and be inspired.

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