Success And Significance

What’s your definition of Success?

What’s your definition of Significance?

Can you have one without the other?

A simple and powerful definition is put forth at the end of this post. First let’s braid success and significance around the immutable law of compensation….That law states that no useful service shall be rendered by anyone without just compensation.

Do the right thing and reciprocating compensation will follow in the exact proportion to the value being delivered. The compensation will come. Just compensation might not come at that moment but it will come. Just compensation will come in direct proportion to our readiness to receive it.

Here’s a definition of success and significance. Read it. Meditate on its essence. Let’s live it out in our relationship with our-self and others.

Enduring success and significance is serendipitous. We don’t find it by seeking it. We discover it while competently and willingly engaging in our personal and vocational roles and responsibilities. We experience it when our life purpose is to create as much value for as many people as possible and open ourselves up to receive the rewards (compensation) of the value we render.

Think well and be inspired.



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