The Illusion of Competence

How do we know when we are operating at top leadership effectiveness?

What knowledge are we acquiring and what skills are we developing that will advance our leadership competency?

How are we going about making the new skill usable, durable, and automatic?

What are we doing to understand how our brains work when we are trying to make changes in how we go about the tasks that contribute to our #1 Organizing Result?

How are we assessing the state of our leadership skills?

In most cases we will not increase our vocational skills by attending a class or seminar. Attending a class or seminar does little or nothing to help us transfer the knowledge to real live leadership situations. In reality it takes months and sometimes years to develop and integrate a new skill into our everyday #1 Result Contributing leadership tasks.

It takes time, practice, and patience to make a skill usable, durable, and automatic. We must expose ourselves to being uncomfortable. Uncomfortable exposing ourselves to frequent failure. Failure will be a common occurrence as we practice new skills. Failure goes hand in hand with growing as a leader.

Let us remember that the best skills practice techniques are those that facilitate the development of new memory patterns in our brain. This only happens through repetition–repetition–repetition.

We will probably need a coach or coaches to help us. Someone who will give us drills to practice in our “real world” leadership environment. Someone who will help us celebrate our advancements. Someone who will give us positive feedback. Someone who will pick us up after we fail. Someone who accepts us as we are and believes in us. Someone we believe has our best interest in mind.

The starting point to skills development is establishing realistic long-term leadership growth targets. AND committing to our coaches (and ourselves) to follow through on drills and proper practice.

Are we willing to be honest with ourselves?

Are we willing to accept our current state as it is?

Do we really want to be and do our best?

What are we doing to improve our leadership knowledge and skills?

Think well and be inspired.

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