We who are building robust organizations are well grounded when we heed this wisdom…

     “Build your organization with wise planning. Nurture its strength though common sense. Let it profit by keeping abreast of the facts.”

One process for doing this is to become a master in one particular discipline or practice. A discipline or practice where we intentionally separate ourselves from the rest. Apple, Mayo Clinic, Fox News, Disney, Google, Netflix, Tesla, PetSmart, Wal-Mart, and Whole Foods are organizations that dominate niches they intentionally created. They created the niche. Developed the niche. Dominate the niche.  

Each of these organizations began by marketing and selling to “the willing”. “The Willing” are defined as those who are open to trying something new and untested. As “The Willing” began championing them their market niche developed and brand promise came to life.

Through years of mastering their niches, these organizations became well-known and trusted brands.

Let’s us take a look at our respective markets and…  

Collect information…

  • What do organizations do well?
  • What do organizations do poorly?
  • What products and services are missing?

Talk with our constituents. Ask them…

  • What’s missing that might be beneficial to you the customer?
  • What needs do you have that are not being met?
  • What makes it difficult to do business with the organizations that serve you?

Examine our abilities and unique talents…

  • What can we do better than any other organization?
  • What products or services might we create?
  • Where does our talent and joy for contributing to the needs of those in our market space intersect with what’s missing or not well done?

What product or service might create a proprietary niche for us to dominate?

  • What might it look like?
  • What need might it fill?
  • What benefit might a customer receive from it?

Cutting edge organizations find a customer need. They develop that need into a specialize product and services that create a new niche. They develop their niche with dominance in mind. Henry Ford; a car in every garage. Bill Gates; a computer on every desk. and Steve Jobs; a beautiful computer that can be switched on without instructions. We can do what they did. We will do it though wise planning, common sense, and keeping abreast of developing our niche and those we serve within it.

Let’s be bold. Influence change in the world. Have fun. Enjoy our work. Love others. Embrace our vision. Engage in wise planning, common sense, and keeping abreast of the next two tasks that we are to perform as we build a niche that satisfies the needs of those we serve and allows us to experience uncompromised joy.

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