What’s Your Brand?

What’s Your Brand?

The idea for this post and much of its content is pulled from the February 2013 issue of Fast Company Magazine.

As leaders let’s ask ourselves a couple of simple questions to determine how well we know and communicate our brand identity. To do this we will use Starbucks as an example. This will be modeled through the power of three questions and the responses of Howard Schultz’s CEO of Starbucks.

What’s the essence of your organizations brand?

  • The essence of the Starbuck’s Brand is humanity.

How might you describe your organization’s culture?

  • The Starbuck’s culture is steeped in two primary benefits that have defined Starbucks. The first is comprehensive health insurance coverage for all people who work more than 20 hours a week. The second is stock options for this same group of employees.

What kind of organization are you building?

  • Starbucks is being built as a great and enduring company. Starbucks is a performance-driven organization lead through the lens of humanity.

Three simple questions. Three powerful clear, concise, and inspiring answers.

Think well and be inspired.



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