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Your Path For An Abundant Life & Building Successful Organizations

You Begin By Creating A Future Aligned Personal Guidance For Your Life

Our proprietary tools and certified Greatness Guides equip leaders and their people to live worry-free happy inspired lives and build innovative disruptive profitable organizations.

The advancement of Leadership Productivity Forum beyond its first Forums in Phoenix Arizona is dedicated to its Members who are inspired to encourage other leaders to experience the joy of living abundant lives while they build successful organizations. 

The Phoenix area Forums have validated that our simple proprietary result aligned leadership productivity tools and training are effective in organizations with multiple locations, hundreds of employees, and in small organizations.

They hope their experience encourages you to engage your heart, renew your mind, and train your hands to confidently guide your people and your organization in a way that brings forth personal abundance and a successful organization.

The Productive Leader Greatness Guide Course and monthly Leadership Productivity Forums equip Members to use specially designed leadership tools to align, equip, and influence themselves and their people to experience the richness that comes from being deliberate results aligned transformational leaders.

A Worry-free 
Happy Inspired 


Innovative Disruptive profitable organizatons

You Continue By Creating Organizational Guidances For The Organizations You Lead

We believe all leaders have innate inspiration, character, competency, and chemistry to position themselves and their organizations for robust growth, be recognized as the #1 player in their market niche, and experience the richness of a meaningful life as they are doing so.

An Organizational Guidance provides direction and meaning for an organization’s customers, employees, and community it serves. The Organization’s Guidance  aligns an organization’s people on doing the right things with the right attitude.  Both are vitally important for customer satisfaction, team member growth, and organizational success. 

Our proprietary Organization Guidance Clarification and Execution Process provides leaders and their people with both long-term and annual Result Targets. This reminds leaders and their teams to be proactive rather than reactive. To always be result aligned. To confidently affirm that what they do each day is contributing to the organization’s short and long-term success. This creates short-term profitability and long-term sustainability through increased market share and profit margins. 


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Creating one page written Guidance Compasses for your life, your job, and the organizations you lead is the first of ten catalysts for living a worry-free, happy, inspired life and building innovative, disruptive, profitable organizations.

Another catalyst is being a member of a community of like-minded leaders who are also aligned to living authentic lives and building profitable organizations.

A third catalyst is engaging a coach who is committed to your personal growth and the success of your organizations.

Contact one of our Greatness Guides or come to an upcoming forum to hear about the other seven catalyst for facilitating robust leadership effectiveness. 

A Leadership Productivity Forum is a Member Only group of 5 to 12 like-minded leaders aligned on living abundant lives and building successful organizations. Forum Members meet once each month to share best practices for living abundant lives and growing profitable organizations.

The Forum’s Greatness Guide aligns, equips, and influences each Member to deliberately execute their Personal and Organizational Guidances so each member experiences a worry-free, happy, inspired life as they build innovative, disruptive, profitable organizations.

Everything the Forum does is aligned to equipping each Member to deliberately facilitate their Personal and Organizational Guidances. Their pathway for living an abundant life and building successful organizations.  

What if … leaders and companies could create a vision for their organizations to keep them from being led astray? What if … leaders could help their teams live life to the fullest? Bill Heitzman’s dream is to provide every person in the world with tools to create a personal written guidance for their life.

In pursuit of that dream, he formed the Leadership Productivity Forum to work with organizations from the Rose Women’s Foundation in Kenya to Celebrate Recovery, and help causes like volunteers who are preparing incarcerated men to handle the transition from prison to civilian life.

Hear how he equips leaders and their people to live worry-free, happy, inspired lives and build innovate organizations.

A Look Inside a local forum

Possibilities that spring forth as leaders give themselves permission to ponder their desire to live, to love, to grow, and to make a meaningful contributions at work, home, and to the world.

The monthly forums provide practical organization building principles within the framework of the Golden Rule. The monthly forums provide peer collaboration, encouragement, and personal growth. The forums are a catalyst for inspiring members to stay on task with their most important personal and organizational results, responsibilities, roles, and duties.

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Need A Speaker?

Our Productive Leader Greatness Guides are available for limited speaking engagements to encourage and inspire your audience.

Bill Heitzman

Founding Greatness Guide 

Please consider the value of inviting a Productive Leader Greatness Guide to speak at your next event.

Our Greatness Guides’ interactive speaking style awakens people’s natural curiosity. They inspire commitment and courage.

Choose one of our multitude of topics that introduce people to new ways of viewing their work, their life, and their world. Our Greatness Guides engage people by asking deep penetrating questions that provoke people to embrace their unique genius and the unique genius of others.

Our Greatness Guides take people on a journey of possibilities. Possibilities that spring forth as people give themselves permission to ponder their desire to live, to love, to grow, and to make meaningful contributions at work, home, and to the world.

These participatory conversations take people beyond an information dump or feel good pep rally. Although our talks have a bit of both, we provoke people to think differently about themselves, their lives, their coworkers, and their vocation.

We believe every person and every organization possesses the potential for greatness. Our Greatness Guides’ fundamental contribution to the world is to serve leaders who are dedicated to bringing forth their and their peoples’ greatness. We align, equip, and influence leaders and their teams to build innovative disruptive profitable organizations and live worry-free happy inspired lives.

Here are four topics that might interest your audience:

  • How To Be A Result Aligned Communicator
  • The Eight Catalysts For Robust Personal & Organizational Success
  • Mastering The Eight Foundational Human Motivations
  • What People Want Their Leaders To Do

We currently have Productive Leader Greatness Guides in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, and Texas. In areas we do not physically serve, we serve virtually via video conferencing.

Thank you for your consideration,


P.S. Please help us fulfill our dream for all people in the world. Our dream to provide every person in the world with tools to create a personal written guidance for their life. A guidance that will equip them to have the freedom to clarify what they want from life, what brings meaning to their life, and their personal rules for living their life and then participate in a community of likeminded people who are encouraging one another to live out their Personal Guidances.

Bill is the founder of the Leadership Productivity Forum and the Productive Leader Greatness Guide leadership development system. He continues to facilitate monthly member only Leadership Productivity Forums. The Forums provide leaders proprietary leadership and organization building principles, tools, and processes within the framework of the Golden Rule.

The monthly Forums facilitate peer collaboration, affirmation, encouragement, and personal growth. The forums are a catalyst for inspiring members to confidently execute tasks that advance their most important personal and organizational results, responsibilities, roles, and duties.

Bill has co-authored six (yet to be best selling) leadership books, including Innovate or Die, Activating Your Firm’s Service Culture, Pursuit of the Summit, and Radiating Possibilities.

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