We equip leaders and their people to live worry-free happy inspired lives and build distinctive disruptive profitable organizations.

This site is a tribute to  the Leadership Productivity Forum Members who have

encouraged me to enter the world of digital communication.

And why have they suggested I do this?

To engage the heart, renew the mind, and train the hands of leaders who are inspired to build great people and great organizations  To align equip and influence them to experience the richness that come from being intentional results aligned transformational leaders.

I believe all leaders have innate inspiration, character, competency, and chemistry to
position themselves and their organizations for robust growth, be recognized as
the #1 player in their market niche, AND experience the richness of a meaningful of life as they are doing so.

This site is a tool for sharing ideas and insights that foster that inspirational calling.

Thanks for being a part to this virtual community of Productive Leaders.

Think well and be inspired.

Bill Heitzman
Chief encouragement Officer
Leadership Productivity Forum

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